What to Wear in the Studio

12 February 2023 | Family, Maternity

The studio is forever changing! I think this might be my favourite decor we’ve ever had in here. It’s taken a lot of adjusting but I am SO in love with this! So now with this new decor, let’s talk about what to wear in the studio.

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your outfits – they will dictate a big part of the vibe of your photos. Jeans are more casual, dresses are (obviously!) more dressy. Both look awesome! The most important thing is to choose outfits you feel amazing in, that you love, that are flattering to you. Choose the first piece (I always choose the mom’s outfit first, but you might have an outfit for your kiddo you want to use). Once you choose the first outfit, start to build around that. I love soft colours in this set, I think it looks so beautiful. Here are a few examples:

An example of jeans in the studio

Keep things simple with little babes! Just a white oneseie looks so adorable

Add a pop of colour like this family did with the little girl’s outfit

We’ve had some clients wear black in this set too, and they really pop

Have a look through all of these photos, and then let’s get planning! If you see some colours that you love, that you really like the look of, try to copy the tones they used. Once you have chosen some options, email me (Shauna) with your outfit ideas and I can let you know what I think. I am happy to suggest different combinations!

I am so excited to work with you in this new studio setting, I hope this helped you decide what to wear in the studio.

See you soon!
Shauna & Gareth