What to Wear to a White Session

17 August 2023 | Children

Our white sessions are a favourite for many of our clients, and for good reason. They provide a timeless, no fuss, no frills, no distractions look that many families appreciate. The following tips will ensure you make the right wardrobe selection for your photo session. Let’s chat about what to wear to a white session!

These White Sessions are perfect as a replacement for school photos, or they’re a great session to use for birthdays or milestones.

For our white sessions, the best clothing will contain subtle textures and tones. In general, solid colors will work best. Avoid flashy patterns, designs and graphics which will draw the eye away from you. White is a go to for many for simplicity and neutrality. Remember, your kiddos are the focus of the photos, not their clothes.

Keep in mind that pants may show! Make sure you like your child’s entire outfit.

Neutral tones like cream, tan or taupe are also great options too against our white background. Buttons, pockets and frills add beautiful detail without taking away from the focus being on your child.

Something to think about when choosing outfits is would you want those colours hung on your wall? Coordinating so your photos flow with your home is a great rule of thumb.

It’s important, if coming with multiple children, to be sure their outfits have complementary styles and colour schemes so they go with each other nicely during sibling photos.

Another fun option is to dress your child in a special outfit or their favourite colour. It’s a great option if you want some brightness in your photos or want your child to get extra excited and be involved.

I hope this helps you choose what to wear to a white session! Please let me know once you have read this, and if you need any help getting your look together. Let’s get planning!