Who is the Better Photographer?

6 August 2018 | Personal

We got asked the other day during a meeting – “who is the better photographer out of the two of you?” Such a good question, and one we’ve actually never been asked before by a potential client.

In case you haven’t heard it before, our business story goes something like this:
– We photographed our first wedding in 2008. It was for friends, and we had never worked as “photographers” before.
– I tried going full time for our business in 2012. I was the WORST work from home person EVER. I kept falling asleep on the couch everyday after lunch. I couldn’t figure out why I was so bad at this. Turns out, I was pregnant! So, I went back to work (I did school photos) so I could earn maternity leave.
– I went full time in 2013 when Callum was born. It was then that we decided I wouldn’t be going back to work for anyone else. Instead, I worked in the cracks of motherhood. Nap time, after bed time. It was tough some days but so worth it.
– Gareth went full time with our business in January 2016. With two kids, and our photography business, something had to give. He needed to spend more time with the boys, and this was how it was going to happen. It was a giant, scary (TERRIFYING) leap, to let go of a secure income to peruse our dreams. BUT we did it, and we have never looked back.

So when people hear this, they assume that I was a photographer before Gareth, since I went full time first, but he had a job we could rely on, which is the only reason I went full time. The truth of the matter is that Gareth has taught me everything I know. He has owned a camera since he was 12, and he has always been passionate about photography. He is constantly reading, always learning new techniques and new ways to edit. He’s always trying to improve on his craft and works really hard to do so. He was the one asked to photograph our friend’s wedding, and he taught me to use a professional camera just so I could help him.

So in my very roundabout way – we are both great photographers. I’m not tooting our horn, it’s just a fact that we’ve worked really hard to become. But Gareth is always in the trenches learning ways to make us BETTER photographers.

That’s why we work so well as a team! He knows all the gear, all the ins and outs. He teaches me what I want to shoot so I can create long lasting images for clients. I work hard to keep in touch with all of you.

So, if you’re new here – hi! We’re Shauna & Gareth Roughley, the photographers behind Roughley Originals Photography. You hear from me the most, but trust me when I say, this is a full partnership. And those gorgeous boys in the photos with us? They’re ours, and they’re amazing.

Shauna xox